12 Ways to Wear Your Scarf


I've done some pre-researching for you and kept it simple-no need to fear!

before we get started...

Here is a basic "bias fold" that you can use to make a narrow strip from your square scarf.  This fold is a starting point for some of the following tying techniques.

Okay, we're ready!  Here we go.


1. The Open Drape

I'm easing you in here.  The easiest possible way to wear your scarf is to just let both ends drape-no knots, no nothing.  Always in style! 


the classic toss.jpg

2. The Classic Toss

You know this one-just fold your scarf into a rectangle, then toss one end over your shoulder and let the other end drape in front of your torso.  Voila!

side knot (start with bias fold).jpg

3. The Neck Tie

Okay, here's where we step things up a little.  Start out by creating a strip from your scarf by using the bias fold.  Drape the scarf so that one end hangs lower than the other.  Tie a loose knot on the longer end, then pull the shorter end through the opening of your knot.  Pull the knot slightly to adjust.


4. The Neckerchief

Again, start with the bias fold.  Wrap the scarf all the way around your neck once and leave both ends draping in front of your torso.  Double knot the two ends together, either in the center front or off to the side.  Adjust so that the wrapped ends and knot sit on top.

low, loose tie.jpg

5. The Low and loose

Let's take a break with an easier one.  Simply let one end hang lower than the other, than wrap it as though you're going to tie a knot but don't complete the last step-just let the end hang over.  


western neck wrap (hide knot with half of triangle.jpg

5. The Western Neck Wrap

My personal favorite!  Fold your scarf into a triangle.  Drape the point of the triangle in front of you, wrapping the two ends behind your neck.  Tie the ends together under the point in front


main.original. side knot.jpg

6. The Loose Side Tie

Fold your scarf into a triangle, then fold it over a couple of times until it's a narrow strip. Them simply toss one end over your shoulder like in the Classic Toss, but finish it of with a loose tie (no knot, like the Low and Loose).



7. The Cowgirl

This one is just like the Western Neck Wrap, only the knot goes on top of the point instead of under it.  You got this!

ascot neck wrap (like cowgirl but with bow).jpg

8. The Ascot

Back to the bias fold!  This one is just like the Neckerchief except you tie a bow on top instead of a knot.


the coat tuck.jpg

9. The Coat Tuck

Fold your scarf into a rectangle.  Wrap it all the way around your neck once, and then tuck the ends in to your coat.  Simple!


10. The Cape Wrap

Fold your scarf into a triangle.  Drape the point behind your back, and bring the two ends in front of your torso.  Tie them together in a square knot (you may remember-"right over left then under, left over right then through"?  If not, just tie a regular double knot-it's fine!)

And that's it!  Maybe we'll get into some more complex techniques down the road...maybe ;)